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Laadimine ...Kuna 1948, in Taani, there was a monopoly in the field of gambling, which was owned by the state company under the name of Danske Spil. Not surprisingly, the country flourished underground gambling establishments, but in 1990 in Taani, there was a casino legalization. Although Danske Spil still retains a monopoly on lotteries and horse racing, greyhound racing, and pigeon racing, the organization of other vidiv gambling became available to private companies, but with some limitations: foreign companies can open a casino in the country only to create a joint a company with a taani partner, näiteks kinnisvaraomanik.

Märkus meie online-hasartmängude kataloogi külastajatele, mis on siiani kõik hasartmängude vormid Taani are considered to be legal. The law on gambling in Taani ette kõik toimimiseeskirjad taani gambling market. Supervise the execution of this law, and also deals with issues of gambling licensing The taani Hasartmängud (Spillemyndigheden).

Online-hasartmängud Taanis

Jaanuar 1, 2012 oli turniiri online-hasartmängude ajaloos Taani. From that day came into force a new law regulating gambling in the country. Despite the fact that Danske Spil has retained a partial monopoly on certain types of gambling, private companies and individuals have become available license sites online gamblingin Taani, in particular, the online betting on sports sites and online casino sites. In accordance with the law on online gambling in Taani, võib välismaal asuv hasartmängude ettevõtja pakkuda riigisiseseid online-hasartmängude teenuseid, peab ta proovima ja hankima litsentsi Taani, samuti tasuma teatud tasu.

Juba uue seaduse jõustumise esimesel aastal sai 25i teenusepakkujad online-kasiinod, sealhulgas mõned juhtivad rahvusvahelised operaatorid nagu 888, Bwin and Ladbrokes. At the same time, the Government is constantly engaged in the fight against unlicensed online gambling sites in Taani, mis on mustas nimekirjas ja blokeeritud.

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Hasartmängud Taanis

Taani Scandinavia called the pearl is not simply this: a small area of ​​the country the number of natural and historical treasures just rolls over. SasinoToplists tell you about the most important features of Denmark, as well as the attitude of the Danes to gambling.

Artikli kokkuvõte:

  • Denmark – a little bit of geography and history;
  • Praegu riigis asuvad maa-asula kasiinod:
  • Foreign companies must have a local orchestra in organization of gambling games;
  • The entrance ticket to the casino.
  • Casino Six countries are located in Aalborg, Orhusskae, Clamps, Odense, Helsingor and, of course, in the capital, Copenhagen;
  • Five sights of Copenhagen the capital of Denmark with the addresses;
  • Interesting facts about Denmark and the Danes.

Taani asukoht ja väike ajalooline viide

Denmark called the Kingdom of Denmark is correct. It is a country in Northern Euroopa and is the southernmost of the Scandinavian countries. The country is located on the peninsula of Jutland and on the smaller islands of the archipelago, and also includes the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Taani on siiani olnud konstitutsiooniline monarhia ja seda tuleks märkida ajal, mil riik oli väga võimas kuningriik - kuni 19 sajandi taani kuningad "peetud oma rusikas", kogu Põhja Euroopa. Now the Faroe Islands and Greenland have a high degree of independence and self-government. Since 1972, the taani reeglid 54-i kuninganna nimega Margrethe II.

Kasiinod ja hasartmängud Taanis

Legalization of casinos in the country occurred in 1990 and in it lay the foundation principle of the license for foreign operators. The main condition for issuance of a license XCHARX a foreign operator of gambling services is to create a taani ettevõte koos olemasolevatega taani company. The most convenient way to create such partnerships at the base of any of the hotel, which is what happened.

Täielikult järgige taani pool võiks selliseid operaatoreid nagu "Holland Casino" naabruses Holland, "Bad Neuenahr" alates Saksamaa, "Kasiinod AustriaXCHARX from Austria . The tax rate in the state is high, depending on the casino profits it starts from 45% of annual turnover.

At the moment, the country has 6 major casinos. They are located in Aalborg, Orhusskae, Clamps, Odense, Helsingor and, of course, in the capital, Copenhagen.

Casino Copenhagen. Common rules in the casino quite meet Euroopa casino starts at 14.00 and ends at 4.00. Visit the casino can only be at the age of 18, so you need to have a passport.

Another nuance XCHARX at the entrance you will be asked to pay the entrance fee. Day ticket costs 95 taani kroner (approximately € 12), one week XCHARX 265, and in the year 2.095 DKK. In the summer, you can visit the casino in shorts and shales, but sports clothes here are not welcome.

Just siis, kui mäng on pokker in a casino should not wear glasses, use the iPod and wearing t-shirts without sleeves. But during the world series of pokker nagu WPT ja teised suuremad konkurentsieeskirjad demokraatliku välimuse kohta.

Overall, casinos in Copenhagen is very popular and in great demand. It has everything what can only wish the soul of a gambler: Rulett (Euroopa and American), all kinds of slot machines (140 options), tables for pokker , Blackjack , and Punto of Banco .

Kopenhaageni vaatamisväärsused

Lisaks tavalisele jalutuskäigule kesklinnas koos traditsioonilise inspektsioonisaaliga, külgnevate aladega ja väikese merineitsi monumendiga pakub Kopenhaagen külaskäike ja ainulaadseid vaatamisväärsusi.

  1. muuseum «Believe It or Not!». Aadress: the R å dhuspladsen , 57. In this unusual museum under the intriguing sign “Believe it or not believe it!” A collection Leroy Ripley – traveler and collector. Over the years, hundreds of travels around the world he has accumulated a lot of amazing things. Here you will find a match of the Taj Mahal, the skeleton of a mammoth, a harp, playing without strings and even the sea just funny.
  2. XCHARXExperimentariumXCHARX museum. Address: Tuborg Havnevej, 7, Hellerup. If you are traveling with children or just want to understand all the same physical laws – it’s just the perfect place. There is a polygraph machine to call a hurricane and an earthquake, and many other attractions. All exhibits can be touched.
  3. Museum XCHARXGuinnessXCHARX. Address: Østergade 16. This museum needs no introduction, as the Guinness records about everyone knows. But when you read just about any record, sometimes it is very difficult to imagine. Here you can find more than 500 exhibits of the most interesting records, and the XCHARXexhibition Mystic Exploratorie» võite püüda oma varju, vahetada pead koos istuva inimesega ja isegi istuda elektrilise tooliga.
  4. Park XCHARXTivoliXCHARX amusement. Address: Vesterbrogade 3. This amusement park is the oldest in the world and, by the way, he inspired once Walt Disney to create Disneyland network. There is no supernavorochennogo attractions, but there is a very cozy atmosphere of celebration and joy.
  5. XCHARXEroticaXCHARX museum. Address: Kobmagergade 24. This is the first erotic museum in the world, he appeared in 1992. Here you can trace the history of attitudes towards eroticism since ancient Rome and India until the present day. There are paintings, sculptures, photographs and videos, as well as erotic lingerie and all sorts of devices from sadomasochistic direction. Login for obvious reasons, with 18 years, but students with a discount of 50%.

Huvitavad faktid Taani ja Taanlaste kohta

  • The working day starts early XCHARX as early as 8 am, the Danes go to work, and at 16.00 are exempt. Shops also closed very early, so the Danes made the main products purchased over the weekend;
  • Denmark has a very high tax XCHARX an average of 43%. It depends on the level of income of the citizen and of the benefits that are due to him;
  • At work, every Dane gets three meals a day. The taani kampaania, ettevõtte või organisatsiooni traditsiooniline söögituba ja kokad;
  • taani men performing housework equally with women. They wash the floors, take care of children and do not mind to cook something tasty.
  • Real estate in Denmark are relatively expensive and thus often of poor quality. The curves of the walls, and sometimes not the best planning is taking place in most apartments.
  • In Denmark, free medical care, at the same time to each family doctor attached a certain number of patients. This is done on a territorial basis, and if you are going to move, and then the doctor will have to change;
  • Denmark – Bicycle nation. They are very loved and cherished.

Taani Euroopa kaardil

Taani Euroopa kaardil

Hasartmängud Taanis asuvates kasiinodes

On the example of Denmark, you can see which path should follow, if the task is to create a really attractive gambling industry. The Danes, despite the relatively calm temperament, does not mind to spend time in the casino, and for that they have every opportunity.

We can not say if the casino in Denmark, at every step, it is not. The country has only 7 operators who regulator issued licenses, and two applications are pending. However, even the casino, that is, enough to satisfy the gambling preferences of the Danes. By the way, in Denmark, it is home to about 5 million people, and 7 casino barely cope with the influx of visitors. And if you are lucky enough to visit this wonderful country, be sure to visit one of there the casino. Gambling establishments are often located in the historical quarter, the hotel building, and interesting even just to visit.

Hasartmängud Taanis asuvates kasiinodes

Kuninglik skandinaavia

Aarhus, suuruselt teine ​​linn Taanis, tegutseb ühe ilusana taani casino. It is known not only for its elegant interiors, but also quality of service. The building is also located and luxurious hotel Hotel Royal, which like to stay celebrities and rich people. In the area of ​​the hotel there are numerous historical sites. There is also a well-known and the Latin Quarter with its river cafes and shops.

Mis puutub kasiinodes saadaolevatesse mängudesse, siis pannakse paar lauale rulett, Blackjack ja pokker jokes. In the halls you can find 80 first-class machines. Often the walls of the casino hosts major pokker turniire.

kasiino Aalborg

The attractive Denmark, it’s the fact that each of its city, and not only the capital, is able to captivate tourists. One would assume that all the casinos are located in Copenhagen, but it is not. One of the most enjoyable gambling successfully operates in the city of Aalborg. Needless casino located in the hotel building in the central part of the city and around are always full of life. Many clubs, cozy pubs and small restaurants will not get bored fans of nightlife. In the casino you can play several types of rulett, pokker and other card games. Also available in more than 30 slots, including progressive jackpots.

Casino Copenhagen

However, DenmarkXCHARXs largest casino located in its capital. It opened in 1990 on the eve of the New Year and was the first legal gambling establishment in the country. If you need a maximum choice of casino entertainment, then you need to start looking for it to Copenhagen. Several dozens of gaming tables and more than a hundred slots allow to find a game to your liking. By the way, the biggest pokker events are often organized within the walls of this institution. Casino asub ühes Radisson Blu Scandinavia pealinna parimatest hotellidest.

Online-hasartmängud Taanis

Taani pilt

Neid järeldusi saab seletada asjaoluga, et taani elanikkonna lühem tööaeg, kuid siiski keskmine sissetulekute tase - maailma suurim.

See näib olevat edukuse valem (kui see üldse olemas on), kuid taanlased ei kulutanud oma vaba aega Lego kogumiseks.

Selle riigi suure sissetulekuga inimesed aitavad oluliselt suurendada online-hasartmängude populaarsust.


Prior to January 1, 2012 the state-owned Danske Spil was the one who owned the license for the organization and carrying out of rates. The rest of the taani ja välismaistele ettevõtetele ei lubata pakkuda hasartmängude meelelahutust ja spordikihlvedude. But the local government has been forced to change this state of affairs, because the law does not work properly, and more than 400 web sites of spordikihlvedude to take bets from the Danes. Many resources are even offered the taani keelekasutus, mis muudab kasutajate kihlvedude protsessi lihtsamaks.

Online-hasartmängud Taanis Pilt

Uued seadused võimaldavad pakkuda selliseid ettevõtteid nagu Ladbrokes ja bet365, although the state retained the monopoly on bets on the races of animals and gambling, which are based on pure luck. Refers to games such as scratch cards and bingo, where the player does not use a strategy or skill and relies only on occasion.

Despite the loss of exclusive rights to organize and conduct gambling company Danske Spil revenues increased significantly after the change of the legislation, and it is now divided into two companies: Danske Lotteri Spil and Danske Licens Spil. The latter covers the online gaming sector and has recently recorded an increase in revenues by 60% compared to last year.

Today, the Danes have a lot of opportunities for gambling. They can play games such as online pokker against other players around the world. But the Danish government scrupulously applies to advertising and licensing companies located abroad is governed by strict rules.

Populaarsed turud

Like most Europeans, the Danes love football and put on a lot of the domestic Super League team. The English Premier League is also very popular due to the fact that it is often shown on the Danish Satellite (Danes can see 280 of 380 matches per season).

Recently, increased interest in golf, mainly thanks to the success of Thomas Bern. Young player Torbjörn Olesen, apparently, will contribute to the interest of fans. Handball and badminton achieved sustained success, along with world-class cyclist who won prizes in the bicycle race “Tour de France”.

Taanlased on ka massiliselt sõltuvad pokker. online pokkerpopulaarsus hakkas kiiresti kasvama pärast võitu meistrivõistlustel pokker Gus Hansen in the early 2000s. In Denmark, a lot of professional pokker players, the country ranks 25th in the world ranking WSOP. Gambling Community Denmark prefers time-tested pokker saidid nagu partei Pokker.

Hasartmängude tulevik Taanis

Taanis asuv hasartmängud hakkasid kiiresti arenema pärast uute seaduste kasutuselevõttu. Eelmise aasta hasartmängude sektori kogutulud moodustasid 4 miljardit DKK.

However, the government is doing everything possible to prevent unlicensed foreign gambling websites providing services to the Danes. This led to the fact that only in 2012, 57 sites were recorded in the blacklist.

No wonder that, after decades of monopoly on gambling in Denmark, Danske Spil company still owns 62% of the market. It may take some time before the other players will be able to compete with the bookmaker, whose services are used to use the majority of the Danish population.